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February 16, 2010

Project Cleanup part 3 – More grid beam

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In the last post, I made up all the beams for the kids’ new toy bins.  Because of the way these grid beam pieces connect to each other, putting it all together was pretty straightforward.

Instead of the fancy hardware the other grid beam sites mention using, I’m using regular 3-inch long 1/4-inch round-head bolts and T-nuts which get hammered into the back side of wherever the bolt is going through.

Here’s a view of the first corner joint

Corner attached

And the same joint from the other side

Corner from the other side

Here’s a picture when I had most of the frame finished with a couple of the rails that will be holding the bins.  It’s looking down the length of the frame, though the center, and it shows just how badly twisted and bent the wood is.

Twisted wood

And after wrestling to get everything to line up… The final product!

Done view 1

From the front

Done view 2

3/4 View

With the bins on:

Done view 3

Done view 4

To keep the bins from sliding off the front, I have two screws through the front rail for each bin, with a nut snugged right up to the head so it’ll stick up a bit.

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